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Lot   Price
2   £280
3   £660
11   £130
12   £150
13   £150
17   £1250
18   £190
19   £75
20   £210
21   £420
22   £70
23   £26
24   £125
25   £300
26   £95
27   £150
28   £150
29   £70
30   £20
31   £170
32   £60
33   £120
34   £340
35   £50
36   £165
37   £250
38   £70
39   £260
40   £150
41   £380
42   £170
43   £270
44   £28
45   £28
46   £30
47   £16
48   £20
49   £42
50   £46
51   £65
53   £155
54   £160
55   £240
56   £190
57   £150
58   £180
59   £170
60   £40
61   £50
62   £95
63   £42
64   £32
65   £28
67   £200
68   £145
69   £380
71   £75
72   £60
73   £75
74   £100
75   £70
76   £2400
77   £55
78   £45
79   £75
80   £28
81   £150
82   £26
83   £48
84   £48
85   £38
86   £48
87   £40
88   £50
89   £100
90   £60
91   £60
92   £46
93   £60
94   £18
96   £1800
97   £75
99   £14
100   £25
101   £20
102   £30
103   £400
104   £260
105   £190
106   £22
107   £675
110A   £46
110B   £70
110C   £34
110D   £30
110E   £40
110I   £24
110J   £34
110K   £22
111A   £860
111B   £1700
115   £70000
120   £38000
122   £5500
127   £9000
129   £12500
131   £18000



Description Estimate Photo
4 books
RR and Bentley Experimental Cars by Ian W Rimmer - good condition
RR - The Cars and their Competitors 1906-1965 by A B Price - good condition
RR and Bentley - 60 Years at Crew by Malcolm Bobbitt - good condition
RR and Bentley by Graham Robson - good condition



1975 Rolls-Royce Camargue YJL621.This stunning example is finished in Richmond Blue with Turquoise leather upholstery. Originally purchased for £29,250 by well-known independent London car dealer Raymond Way from Jack Barclay, who had first registered the car as his demonstrator (of the then most expensive production car on the market) 1 RW as it was registered passed in 1997 into the hands of TWR Group Jaguar. Correspondence on file confirms that this transaction was simply to enable transfer of the number plate. Colbrook Specialists of Stilton then acquired the car and sold it to the last owner John Lowe, now deceased.The car has covered a total of 34,500 miles from new which includes only 6,000 miles in the last 20 years.An impressive history file is included in the sale with interesting correspondence from Victor Barclay to Raymond Way, MOTs and invoices which together with the original service manual confirm the immaculate provenance of this most desirable Camargue handled. £50,000 - £60,000
4 books
RR and Bentley Experimental Cars by Ian W Rimmer - good condition
RR - The Cars and their Competitors 1906-1965 by A B Price - good condition
RR and Bentley - 60 Years at Crew by Malcolm Bobbitt - good condition
RR and Bentley by Graham Robson - good condition
4 books
Great Marques - Rolls-Royce (paperback) by Jonathan Wood - good condition
RR Silver Cloud - The Complete Story by Graham Robson - good condition
RR Corniche - Super Profile by Chris Harvey - fair condition
RR Silver Shadow and Bentley T Series by Malcom Bobbitt - good condition
4 books
Clouds and Shadows (Sir Henry Royce Memorial Foundation - Historical Series # 40) (paperback) by David Tod - good condition
The Complete Works - The Best 599 RR Stories (paperback) by Mike Fox and Steve Smith - fair condition
Kidnap of the Flying Lady by Richard Feast - good condition
Rolls-Royce by LJK Setright with introduction by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu - fair condition
A quantity of various RR and Bentley brochures and promo material
Two RR Foundation desk diaries - 2010 and 2011 unused
RR Shadow Owners Companion (Maintenance projects for RR Silver Shadow and Bentley T Enthusiasts) (paperback) by Jon J Waples - fair condition
An Edwardian Morris car promotional illustration, featuring four pre-war MG vehicles, in an oak frame, 23 x 33cm £40-60
A Rolls-Royce Corniche owner's handbook, TSD publication 4127 1976, near mint unmarked condition £50-60
A Rolls-Royce Phantom V owner's handbook, TSD publication 782 second edition, complete with lubrication and wiring diagrams, excellent condition with some marks on front cover £50-60
A Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn Livre d'Instructions, Conduite a Gauche No 1, excellent unmarked condition £40-50
A Rolls-Royce 20HP instruction book, RREC reprint, excellent unmarked condition £30-40
A Rolls-Royce 40/50HP Phantom 1 instruction book, excellent condition, only slight soiling to cover £100-120
A Rolls-Royce 20HP handbook, condensed edition, reprint, excellent unmarked condition £30-40
A Rolls-Royce 40/50HP Phantom 1 handbook, condensed edition, reprint, excellent unmarked condition £30-40
A Rolls-Royce Phantom III handbook Nos XI and XII, combined issue, reprint by the Phantom III Technical Society 1977, excellent unmarked condition £50-60
A Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T handbook, TSD publication 2536, excellent unmarked condition £30-40
A Bentley S3 handbook, second edition, TSD publication 2150, excellent condition, some writing inside front cover £40-50
A Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn Handbook, No VI, Rolls-Royce Motors Limited reprint 1985, excellent unmarked condition £40-50
A Bentley S type handbook, No XVI, excellent original condition £50-60
A Bentley S type handbook, No XVIII, complete with wiring diagram for Bentley Continental S2, excellent original condition £50-60
A Bentley S type handbook, No XVIII, excellent condition, some writing inside front cover £40-50
A Bentley MKVI 4 1/4 litre handbook, No XVI, excellent condition, some writing inside front cover £40-50
A Rolls-Royce 20/25 handbook, No XVI, good condition, some writing inside front cover £40-50
A Rolls-Royce 25/30 handbook, No XVIII, good condition, some writing inside front cover £40-50
A quantity of 18 RREC Yearbooks 2010-2017, two copies of each plus Fifty Years of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club, some in original cellophane, all in excellent condition £50-100
A Lucas King of the Road No 10 jack and two-piece handle, for large HP cars,  eg Ghost, brass and aluminium, in working order inscribed 'Rolls' to brass section £150-200
Bentley mascot retracting radiator assembly, offered as an extra for Bentley Arnage and Mulsanne cars, retracts completely into the radiator shell, new, unused and complete £250-400
Rolls-Royce 'Springfield' Baume & Mercier gold gents wrist watch, complete with presentation box and booklet, offered in the 1990s Rolls-Royce Gift Collection (Catalogue Part No TSD 5666) at £2,695/$4,065, 18 carat gold case, crocodile hide strap, No 24 of only 75, new/unworn condition with tags £1000-1200
Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy 'Flying Lady' radiator mascot, original Silver Cloud type with screw fitting, overall height excluding the fitting is 4 1/4 inches, in good unused condition £250-300
Mulliner Park Ward large oak framed mirror,  showing the insignias of Rolls-Royce and Bentley,  frame size is 20 x 16 inches, weight is 4 kilos/9 pounds, formerly hanging in the Hythe Road London Mulliner works where 750 employees had been engaged £100-150
Bentley 'B AGAIN 1928', a celebration Le Mans Victory booklet, gold badge to the front, special limited publication, cord bound, dramatic photographs of the successes, tissue protected card covers, excellent condition, 38 pages £100-200
Bentley Motors veneered samples case, carrying a tray of very many samples of paints, hides and veneers, the case has fine chrome fittings and has never been used, one each was supplied to Bentley dealerships around year 2000 £500-700
'The Spirit', a lavish large Connolly leather bound book, 18.25 x 14.25 x 1.25 ins, fine art paper, signed by the author Ken Dallison, lithographs by Morgan Press, produced in 1979 to celebrate 75 years of Rolls-Royce,  acknowledgement to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, eleven page foreword by Lord Montague of Beaulieu, this book has been in the sealed box since publication, list price in 1979 was $275 £75-120
Rolls-Royce bulletins, issued by Rolls-Royce Ltd for their shareholders, parchment type covers, top quality art paper lavishly illustrated featuring motor cars, aircraft and county scenes, eight examples in fine condition from 1953 to 1958 £75-125
Rolls-Royce factory tool and gauge stores boxes, five pine combtailed construction boxes that were installed in the Crewe factory c1938, sizes are each 12 x 6 x 4 1/2 inches, signed Rolls-Royce and R-R Crewe £150-250
Bentley State Limousine for Queen Elizabeth, a boxed complete 1/18 scale model of the Bentley State Limousine presented to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a consortium of 50 British businesses contributed to the manufacture of the Limousine car which was wholly designed and constructed at Crewe by Bentley, together with a rare gilded lapel badge presented to a man who participated in the build, also copies of papers relating to the car, a similar lot, ie car, badge and papers, sold for £720 in the RREC Auction in 2011 £300-400
Bentley Motors battery charger and conditioner, latest compact type, new and in the Bentley box, UK mains plug, with instructions for use, suitable for any car £100-200
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Handbook, instructions for the 40-50, an original book, January 1913, hardback of 138 pages, some wear to the covers, all pages in excellent condition £150-250
Rolls-Royce 'New Phantom I' handbook, instructions for the 40-50, an original book, July 1925, hardback of 182 pages including supplements, excellent unmarked condition £150-250
Bentley handbooks, full boxed set for Continental Flying Spur Speed, comprising leather bound handbook, service handbook and quick guide, all new in sealed box, text in German £100-150
Rolls-Royce Derby oil engine spare parts manual, hardback book in unused condition, Part No TSD 833 £25-50
'The Edwardian Rolls-Royce', very fine boxed Volumes 1 and 2, unopened, in the slip case and box, the definitive guide to these early cars, maroon cloth covered hardbacks with bright gilt lettering to spines £200-300
Bentley Motors 3 part motorsport jacket, new/unworn, XL extra large size, comprises outer jacket and inner black jacket, the sleeves will detach from the inner £100-150
Bentley Arnage Limousine Personal Commission, boxed specification and details of the car proposal for HRH Sultan of Perak, signed by Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen CEO Bentley Motors £75-100
Rolls-Royce and Bentley toolkit for cars 1946-1955, comprising, the metal case, rubber tray, 13 tools and spare lightbulbs, missing several items, also two pages from 'Flying Lady' showing the kits £250-300
Bentley Continental Touring Kit, new, comprises, high visibility jackets, cased warning triangle, twin pack breathalyser kit, Bentley box of 8 lightbulbs and fuses, all in a fitted case £50-100
Mulliner Park-Ward Rolls-Royce/Bentley sign, a large cast metal sign from the company premises, size 16 1/2 x 13 inches/420 x 330mm, engraved with the insignias of R-R, Bentley and MPW, approximately 4 pounds/1.8 kilos weight £100-150
Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy Mascot, Merlin piston combination, the original Merlin engine piston has been machined to form an ashtray surmounted by a Spirit mascot, both manufactured in the Crewe factory, overall height 7 1/2 inches, diameter 5.4 inches, beize applied to the crown/base £250-350
Rolls-Royce Limited, three wooden crates, from the Crewe factory, supplied by Nottingham Mills, lengths are approximately 18 inches, good condition £75-100
Bentley tableware/picnic set, comprising four cups and saucers and four plates, all the pieces have silver lines around the edge, the cups and plates have BENTLEY and the wings in silver, all in good unused/new condition £175-300
Rolls-Royce Derby silver presentation chauffeur's lapel badge, a very rare original silver badge with red enamel inlay, hallmarked, numbered 6389, in the original box, unmarked condition £150-250
Rolls-Royce radiator, the radiator shell complete with the veins and the Spirit mascot mounting plinth, probably Silver Shadow type £100-150
Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy mascot, unfinished casting, cast in the foundry at the (former) Rolls-Royce Crewe factory by the cire perdue/lost wax process, together with papers showing the production process, type used from 1977 to 1998 £100-200
Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstacy mascot, gold plated, this is the type used on the Silver Shadow II, Spirit, Wraith II, Spur and Corniche, unused and unmarked condition £150-250
Photographs of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Royale, unusual large framed set of four colour full plate size showing the finished car, frame size 30 x 24 inches, needs re-framing, glazing cracked £25-40
Bentley GTC large framed showroom pictures, two large colour matching pictures mounted and framed in mottled aluminium, frame sizes, 31 1/2 x 23 1/2 inches/ 800 x 600mm, showing the convertible £40-60
Bentley Continental GT, from a Bentley showroom, large elaborate frame of wood and metal, size 33 x 25 inches, showing the GT £40-60
Bentley artwork, four large framed examples, black and white photographs in brushed aluminium matching black frames, frame sizes 540 x 440mm/20 x 17 inches £20-50
Rolls-Royce Corniche, large framed picture, depicts the series II red convertible, heavy metal frame, 24 x 20 inches £25-40
Rolls-Royce suite of three framed Parisian publicity pictures, matching brushed metal frames, 20 1/2 x 19 inches, grey mounts, showing Silver Spirit and car interior £30-50
Rolls-Royce 50 years at Crewe, framed poster, frame size 24 x 17 inches, depicting Silver Spirit, Bentley MK VI, Merlin engine, Spitfire, Lancaster aircraft £20-30
Rolls-Royce Derby booklet 1937 car production etc, embossed card covers, ring bound, 26 pages, 8.40 x 6.10 inches, full page illustrations of Merlin and car production, engines, R-R 25/30 and Bentley 4 1/4 litre £70-100
Rolls-Royce 20-25 brochure, string tied brown covers with raised lettering and 'By Appointment' badge, large 13 x 10 inches, 42 pages with line drawings of the chassis, the Guarantee, illustrations of premies and eight 'tipped in' sepia photographs of coachwork styles and prices, excellent condition £200-300
Rolls-Royce 40-50 HP Phantom II brochure, string tied grey covers with raised gilt lettering and 'By Appointment' badge, large 13 x 10 inches, 48 pages with line drawings of the chassis, the Guarantee, illustrations of premises and six 'tipped in' colour photographs of coachwork styles with prices, excellent condition £200-300
Rolls-Royce 40-50 HP Phantom III brochure, cream covers with raised lettering and 'By Appointment' badge, large 13 x 10 inches, 50 pages with line drawings of the chassis, the Guarantee, illustrations of premises and seven 'tipped in' illustrations of coachwork styles and prices, excellent condition £200-300
Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy Mascot, the fully tilting type, on a spring loaded tube, new/unused, signed Rolls-Royce £250-350
Bentley Flying B radiator mascot, modern style, new/unused £150-250
Rolls-Royce and Bentley toolkit, suitable for Silver Shadow II, Silver Wraith II, Bentley T2, Corniche and Camargue, comprising case, tooltray, bulb set and twelve tools, with a copy relevant page from 'Flying Lady' £120-150
Bentley Continental GT steering wheel, unused and complete, trimmed in black leather £200-300
Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy presentation ashtray, presented by the Directors of Rolls-Royce to the employee on completion of 25 years service at Crewe, which commenced in 1945, engraved with the years of service £120-170
Rolls-Royce/Bentley radio/telephone car aerial, fully retracting type £70-100
Rolls-Royce Owner's Handbook, for the Silver Shadow, rare first edition from 1965, Part No TSD 2204, simulated red leather covers with silver lettering, together with the accompanying letter from Technical Services to the dealers date 18th Nov 1965, new condition £100-150
A Bentley at Le Mans 'The Racing Legacy' commemorative presentation pack, 2003, card folder containing commemorative re-prints of the 1927-1930 24 Hour le Mans Bentley successes brochures, comprising 'Le Mans 1927', 'Again 1928', 'The Hat Trick 1929', 'Plus Four 1930' and 'Team Bentley 2003', five in all, unopened condition, boxed £75-100
Halwart Schrader 'Rolls-Royce und Bentley' from 1931, a large cloth backed hardback book of 302 well illustrated pages in the original box, a definitive book on R-R & Bentley, in German £50-75
Four Bentley hardback books, comprising: First Edition, 'Fifty Years of the Marque' 1969 with dust jacket, 'Bentley Since 1919', Warren Alport, 1988 Autocar reports with dust jacket, 'Bentley 4 1/2 Supercharged' by David Sparrow, with dust jacket, stamped Rolls-Royce Library, 'Rolls-Royce & Bentley 60 years at Crewe' Malcolm Bobbit with dust jacket, 1990 (used condition) £40-70
Two boxed Bentley hardback books, 'Bentley The Fast and Furious' by Nicholas Foulkes, dust jacket and box, new, 'Bentley The Story' by Andrew Frankel boxed with dust jacket, new £40-70
Bentley Turbo R, a large framed illustration of the Bentley Turbo R for dealership showroom display, frame size is 35 x 21 inches £25-40
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost 40-50 HP large model, length is 20 inches, trimmed seats, all metal scratch built construction, based on 1909 car
Bentley Flying Spur steering wheel, new, wheel trimmed in black hide, inert, lacks wiring £150-250
Rolls-Royce showroom interior hanging sign, original dealer sign, probably 1920s, features the lion rampant style, with hanging chain, 23 x 15 inches, perspex £200-300
A Dunhill document/attaché case for Bentley Motors, new, black leather with shoulder strap, Bentley zip, lock and protective cotton bag, with copy of the catalogue page showing Part No BL 340 at £750
Child's sit-in BRM car, believed produced by the BRM factory in the early 1970s, this unusual child's electric car is based around a stout metal frame, a 15v electric motor is attached to the rear of the frame (battery required) and a shaped fibreglass tray inserted in the middle in which the child sits, over the frame is mounted a full removable glass fibre body styled in the manner of an early 1970s Can-Am racer in two tone blue and turquoise with attached  enamelled Stanley-BRM badge fitted to the nose.  In very good condition save for some small localised areas of crazing to the body.  A very unusual and rare child's car £700-1200
Early leaping cat 7 1/2in ashtray, made by Jaguar and supplied to Jaguar showroom, same cat fits MK5 Jaguar, late 1940s, early 1950s £300-600
Rolls Royce Silver Spur very heavy duty fleece indoor car cover £100-200
Complete Classics No 9 Bentley MK VI, by Bernard King, signed RR Enthusiasts Club 2014 Year Book, Breitling for Bentley chronographs £30-80
A Rolls-Royce Keyholder, 18kt gold yellow and white, Diamonds in RR approximately 1.14 Kt vsi, 5.3 x 3.2 x 0.3cm, 72 grams, handmade by goldsmith Thomas Fessler
Rolls Royce, a silver plated cigarette box, by Aristocrat, having engraved RR badge motif to front, together with a glass engraved posy holder and another hand decorated ceramic posy holder by Rosenthal (Germany) (3)
A hall marked silver cedar lined cigarette box, maker's mark SJR Ltd, together with a group of commemorative presentation desktop paperweights, including BP1975 and National Benzole 1919-79, Jaguar XK120 Silver Jubilee Rally plaque 1977 and a leather cased presentation gentleman's toiletries pack (6) £60-80
Rolls Royce, an engraved presentation silver plated tankard, stamped marks to base KB EPNS A1 with Rolls Royce badge logo, together with two Rolls Royce inscribed pewter tankards and two silver plated ignition key fobs (5) £60-80
A group of Rolls Royce presentation desk accessories, including leather folio case, matching desk jotter, cheque book cover, gents wallet/notecase, diary case and credit card holder etc, and TD Ltd hallmarked silver engraved tab leather key fob Rolls Royce logo'd £60-80
Bentley, The Vintage Years 1919-1931, limited edition with dust jacket by Michael Hay 1986, published by Dalton Watson, together with Ferrari Annual 1993, published Ferrari SpA, Modena No 814/93, and Ferrari GTO history by Fabrizio Pasquero and Franco Varisco, published first 1982, and Channel Tunnel/Bridge Feasibility Study 1972 (4) £40-60
Charles Robinson Sykes - 'Silence and Speed' radiator or desk-piece mascot c1909, believed to be an important and exceedingly rare design for a motor car radiator adornment, the original of which was commissioned from Charles Sykes by John (Walter) 2nd Baron Montague for his 1909 Rolls-Royce Ghost motor car, created in heavy silver-plated bronze by the cire-perdue casting process, and display mounted upon an ebonised wood plinth base.
History:  It has been understood and long-believed that the original of this statuette was commissioned by John Montague specifically for his personal Rolls-Royce motorcar, at a time when there was no definitive mascot for the Marque but when after market radiator embellishments were proliferating due to an increasing current trend for such adornments.  It is a further popular conception that the model for this sculpture design was Eleanor Velasco Thornton, who during this time was secretary to John Montagu and with whom was having a clandestine romantic involvement as his mistress.  Thus created, this was the draped female figure in flowing robes with forefinger to her lips emblematic of this liaison.  Approximately two years later it is presumed that she was again the model chosen by Charles Sykes for his subject, who posed for the ultimate design selected by Rolls-Royce now known universally as the 'Winged Lady' mascot, which bears much similarity in essence to its earlier counterpart, and is now renowned and recognised world wide.
Provenance:  Over many years it has been understood that perhaps four or five original examples of 'The Whisper' mascot (as it had become known outside the Montagu circle) were in existence; accompanying this lot is a comprehensive file of documentation and historical provenance, which it is hoped clarifies the origins of the design, numbers made, and their subsequent ownership.  It includes published articles, photographs (including one showing all then-known originals together), letters and correspondence from leading authoritative authors and owners including the Late Lord Edward Montagu, Jo Sykes the daughter of Charles Sykes, Dr Douglas Latto, the late Peter Baines of the RREC, Paul Tritton, Mrs Scheerman, and Tony Gosnell inter alia; and further includes correspondence between the vendor and many of these leading experts, including that relating to his purchase of the mascot from Dr Latto.  There is also an invoice/receipt from Aspreys the Crown Jewellers for 'cleaning and polishing a silver-plated mascot' (the aforementioned) and manufacturing a replacement plinth base replacement for the original which was damaged dated 1994.
Framed drawings of (1) a Phantom III Sedanca de Ville and a Phantom III Touring Limousine, and (2) of a Phantom III Sedanca and a Bentley 4 1/4 litre sports saloon.  The drawings have notes reading "Richmond A Competition 5" and "Richmond E Competition 5" £350-400
Veneered drawer with a toolkit, possibly for a Silver Wraith or Bentley Mk VI £900-1100
Phantom III air filter, complete with mounting bracket £150-200
Phantom III division (Windovers body).  Complete set for the mounting of a manual up-and-down division.  Consists of a window in a black metal frame, an aluminium strip with the rotary and chain system attached £400-500
Phantom III head lamp mountings, set of two £150-200
Phantom III scuttleboard £200-300
Vertical panels of a Phantom III bonnet, set of two £200-300
Boot lid  of a Phantom III saloon, with Windovers body £200-300
Set of under trays for an unknown coachbuilt car, possibly a Phantom I £100-300
Set of 21 wheel covers, sizes diameter from 44 to 51cm £100-150
Engine bonnet of a 25/30 HP, with good hinges £150-250
Exhaust manifold of a 25/30 HP £150-200
Set of under trays for a Rolls-Royce 25/30 HP £400-500
Completely restored spoke wheel for a 20/25 HP and 25/30 HP, diameter 53cm, width 13cm £350-450
A 1961 Corvette CI 282 V8 (230hp) 3 speed manual, all matching numbers, 92K miles, lots of history, rebuilt engine under 1000 miles, older restoration, new chromework, rubber sports tyres, exhaust in very good condition, seats retrimmed, new carpets, MOT March 2018 £60000-70000
Austin Healey 3000 MK111 - 1966
In good condition.  Rebuild of engine, gearbox, new clutch and overdrive all in last three years.  Owned since 1973.  Currently 38,000 on clock.  On front cover of Geoff Healey's first book 'Big Healey'.  Geoff Healey seen actually driving car for photo shoot in 1977.

A Bentley Mark 6 DHC KRO 229
Date of first registration:  20 May 1949
Manufacturer: Bentley
Body Type:  Drophead coupe by Park Ward, Design No 100, Body No B667, number built 45
Cylinder capacity:  4257cc
Chassis No: B373DZ
Engine No:  B436D
First owner:  K L Vernon
Present owner since March 2004
The car was exported to South Africa but was returned to the UK in JUly 2005 and has not been on the road since then.  It has been extensively restored.  It is not presently registered in the UK but has a Customs & Excise payment of charges certificate
1933 Rolls-Royce 20/25hp Sedanca de Ville by Barker.  The Sedanca de Ville came from Norfolk. It has been extensively refurbished inside with rear grey carpets and a gold coloured fabric covering to the back seat. There are occasional seats in the back, providing seating for five adults. The outside has been resprayed yellow & black and an overdrive fitted, registration AUW578, chassis GBA76 £25000-30000
1991 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur II. A beautiful black long wheelbase Rolls-Royce with red leather interior, recently resprayed. Like the MkII models, it has anti-lock brakes, memory seats, alloy wheels, enhanced interior wood-work, automatic air conditioning, adjustable rear seats and adaptive ride. The interior has over-rugs and is in generally good condition. Mileage 100,000. Registration SSU784, chassis MCH34539 £6000-8000
1951 Bentley MK VI 4.5 litre Special, by Mallalieu Cars Ltd, Reg MJH 223, Mileage 17993, Chassis No B302MD, Engine No B155M, MOT Expiry 09.05.2018, Vehicle Tax Historic £38000-48000
A 1994 Rolls-Royce Flying Spur, Car No 18 of the original production of  50 cars, Chassis No SCH55201
1994 Rolls-Royce Flying Spur, Car No. 18 of the original production of 50 cars.
This car is one of a handful of Flying Spurs that was fitted by the factory with a Bentley-style central console.  The car was then sent to Mulliner Park Ward for additional customising work, including the leather upholstered picnic tables and sterling silver inlays on the doors.  The original build sheets for the car, which detail all of the custom work, are available for inspection.
Car No 18 was originally delivered in Scotland to a company chairman and used as his chauffeur driven transport for nearly 10 years.  In 2006, the car was transferred to its second (current) owner, who fitted a Harvey Bailey handling kit to get the most out of the additional power offered by the Flying Spur specification.  In addition, 17 inch Rolls-Royce road wheels were fitted to the car when the original 15 inch tyres became scarce.  The original road wheels are available if desired.
Since 2006, the car has been driven on a regular basis, including many tours of the continent.  The car has been maintained in accordance with the factory's recommendations, including a full hydraulic service at 96,000 miles, and recently had its gearbox rebuilt so the car is ready for its next 10 years of service.  The car is now for sale because the owner was posted abroad in January and can no longer use the car.
A 2002 Rolls-Royce New Corniche (last of line) Convertible
One of 45 built, of which only nine were right hand drive.  Includes car telephone.
First registered 23 December 2002 by dealer (first keeper).  Purchased by owner 8th March 2005 (second keeper).  MOT to January 2018.  Full service record with R-R specialist.  Mileage 70,250
The last of line motor cars are distinguished by the following features:
All in the colour 'Silver Ghost' with navy blue hood
Red badged on radiator, boot lid and consul
Twenty spoke wheels with Spirit of Ecstasy indices
Chromium plate finish door mirrors
Badged on front wings 'Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Crewe, England' together with a Union Jack
Rosewood burr and cabinet cherry fascia and Cotswold trim
Spirit of Ecstasy inlaid to door cappings and waist rails
Numbered plaque on centre console
Embroidered head rests
Veneered door panels
1934 Armstrong Siddeley 12/6 de-luxe saloon, with original paintwork and interior trim and original sphinx mascot £7800-8000
Rolls Royce Experimental Silver Wraith, 41EX long wheel base, formally a Rolls Royce experimental vehicle at the Research Department in 1954, used to test developments in innovation until approximately 1957 and then fully updated to the latest specifications with the current engine, power steering and air conditioning. TBA
A Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn, first owner 10 years, second owner 2 years, current owner 8 years, 1997 48,000 miles, as new, full RR service history and service book, all private use £24000-30000  
A Mustang Convertible, January 1967, with bullet proof 6 cyl 200cu in 3.3 litre engine, imported from California 2016 and now UK registered, serviced and MOT  to February 2018, 77,000 miles, excellent refurbished power hood, unmarked original seats, rare period alloys, new electronic ignition and electric fan £18000-20000
1992 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit MkII, finished in Bordeaux with twin fine lines in Parchment, it is fitted with white wall tyres, Spur wheels trims and Rolls-Royce quarter pillar bades, the interior is in Parchment piped in St James Red with Cherry Red carpets and sheepskin over-rugs, a Cream Marvelon headlining with Black top roll and steering wheel.  It also has fully veneered door capping rails.  The car has 16 service stamps showing the low mileage of 14,000 to be genuine.  It has had one owner from new and spent its entire life on the island of Jersey.  The car has had a recent service. £35000-40000


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